What is the National Designated Authority?

Committee on Environmental Protection is the National Designated Authority (NDA) in Tajikistan. National Designated Authority (NDA) has the mandate to officially communicate with the Fund. It fulfils an important function of representing the priorities and interests of Tajikistan in a clear and transparent manner. Its mandate and responsibilities cover a range of functions:

  • Ensuring that the GCF activities in Tajikistan are aligned with the national sustainable development objectives and frameworks.
  • Convening public, private and civil society stakeholders to identify priority sectors to be financed by the Fund.
  • Engaging with potential public, private sector and non-governmental entities seeking GCF accreditation for the National Implementing Entity (NIE) and nominating such entities for accreditation to the Fund.
  • Ensuring consistency of funding proposals submitted to the Fund with national climate change plans and priorities of Tajikistan (the no-objection procedure)
  • Providing leadership on the deployment of the GCF readiness and preparatory support funding in the country.

What is the National Designated Authority


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